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Medical Engineering Internship in Cape Town SA

  • Entreprise : Magister
  • Date : 26/02/2019
  • Référence de l'offre : 06/07/2017

Widen your perspective of medical engineering in international environments through an internship in South Africa. The placement will be in a company specializing in the manufacture and export of medical devices, including orthopedic implants and traction devices. Their mission is to design, develop, produce, and supply high-quality yet affordable devices to a global market while providing excellent customer service.

As an intern, you will carry out a range of duties generally related to quality assurance management, from product inspection to labeling. You will also assist with the design and development of new products using A-Cad drawing and CNC machining. You will ensure workplace safety and streamlined production process.

You don’t just get to work in the company, but also experience everything that South Africa has to offer - from stunning natural attractions to the hospitality of locals. You will enjoy a lifetime experience that combines practical learning and cultural immersion.

Program Highlights:

1. Develop skills and expertise in medical engineering necessary to succeed when venturing into the professional world.

2. Become part of the company’s success in delivering quality customer service and products.

3. Discover the rich cultural and historical heritage of Cape Town.

4. Participate in the activities organized by Magister.

5. Create a network with professionals in medical engineering as well as with interns from across the globe.

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